Guiding you to Whole30 success

About Louise

Louise is at her best when at Crossfit or taking on a little off-piste terrain on her skis. Right out of the gate, she followed her passion into Community Health Sciences, earning her degree before heading west to find a new home in Whistler, British Columbia, where she lives and breaths its outdoor creed. Life in the mountains has proven one wild ride. Stationed at the intersection of several international sport scenes, she slowly carved a niche as a freelance producer, helping elite athletes and top sport brands find the tools they need to succeed.

Finding the Whole30 has given her the confidence to make the right food choices and achieve the balance her body craves. Even when she’s on the road and too busy to think straight, she now knows what to eat, when to eat and how put to the plans in place to ensure her healthy choices stick. With four Whole30’s under her belt, she can confidently say she has a healthy relationship with food and is more aware of her habits. Branching out into coaching is a natural progression in her ongoing journey.

“My lifestyle gives me a foothold in some of the most exhilarating sports on earth, but it has not always lead to healthy eating habits. After years of looking after everyone else’s needs, grabbing whatever, whenever, as far as food goes, I found I was lethargic, bloated and a little unmotivated.
My own health was suffering, so I could help others compete in some of the healthiest pursuits on earth.


I’m excited to treat every client’s Whole30 as an important event, helping to manage the details with the same dedication I would a live event. Committing to the Whole30 has given me focus, control and brought clarity—and new friends—to my door. Let me help you do the same.”



The Whole30 is a catalyst for a lifestyle change to improve your health, eating habits, and relationship with food. During the program you will think about food differently, discover that you like certain foods you previously avoided (brussel sprouts, anyone?), and help you begin to unpack your emotional relationship with food. For 30 days you will cut out foods that are not good for you psychologically or hormonally, as well as eliminate foods that disrupt your gut and weaken your immune system by causing inflammation. By eliminating these foods you will learn how foods have been affecting YOUR body (and mind) and will begin the healing process.

After 30 days you will follow one of two plans to reintroduce the food groups that you cut out, and analyze how those foods impact your health. Gaining this information will help you determine if you should continue to avoid those foods or not and understand the consequences should you decide to consume something “worth it”.

The Whole30 is not a diet and, while there are some rules to follow, there is so much that you CAN eat! You won’t waste your time counting calories or buying special meals, but instead will focus on eating all kinds of meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and natural fats. You will likely feel (and look) so good after your experiment, you won’t want to go back to the way things were prior, and instead, will be propelled to create a perfectly healthy and sustainable lifestyle that is uniquely tailored to you.

What can you expect to gain from the Whole30? Better sleep, glowing skin, less bloating, improved focus, moods, more energy and this is only the beginning!

As a certified Whole30 Coach, I can offer you the following and so much more...

  • Prepare you for your Whole30 through one-on-one or group coaching either in person or via email and phone.
  • Offer cooking and grocery shopping tips to ensure your success including recipe suggestions or creating meal plans for you.
  • Motivate you to keep going when times get tough and make a plan for your re-introduction.